About Us

At Get Business Funding Services, we provide what are known as Merchant Cash Advances to small and mid-sized businesses like yours. According to articles in publications like The Wall Street Journal, more and more retailers, restaurateurs and other small business owners are taking advantage of Merchant Cash Advances because of its:

  • High rate of approval
  • Little need for documentation
  • Speed of approval
  • Flexible terms

So what is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A good place to start is by discussing what it is not. A Merchant Cash Advance is NOT a loan. In addition, it has:

  • No interest rates
  • No hidden fees
  • No fixed payback schedule
  • No closing costs
  • No loss in the equity of your business
  • No personal guarantees or posting of collateral

Rather, Get Business Funding Services delivers to you a lump sum for use as working capital in return for the purchase of a specified amount of future MasterCard and VISA credit card sales. It is like factoring, a well known process for generating cash flow for businesses, only here cash is advanced based on an event that has yet to happen – your anticipated credit card sales based upon historical performance. You do not need to process credit cards to qualify for a business cash advance. We will base the advance on your gross sales receipts.

We only get paid when you make a credit card sale. This makes the Merchant Cash Advance product one of the most cash flow friendly products available today.

How much of a cash advance can I expect?

The average size of our cash advances is about $25,000. The range is between $2500 and $500,000, depending on the anticipated future sales of the business.

Will I qualify?

Most business owners do. If you process a monthly minimum of $5,000 per month and have been in business for at least a year, you should qualify for a merchant cash advance.

Many of our customers use the cash advance for any one or more of the following reasons: 

  • To purchase new equipment or inventory 
  • To open new locations
  • To renovate the business
  • To manage unexpected expenses

How You Get Started

You can contact us directly or via email. Or fill out the application in the Apply for Funding section and a customer representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

According to the Small Business Administration, which oversees the nation’s some six million small businesses, problems in obtaining adequate and timely funding are the main culprits in causing small businesses to fail. As businessmen who have worked closely with many small and medium-sized businesses over the years, we at GetBusiness Funding Services have seen first-hand the problems this places on small business owners in managing their cash flow.

Our goal in creating Get Business Funding Services was to provide funding to small business owners who might otherwise be unable to obtain it elsewhere. Studies, after all, have shown that more than 9 out of every 10 businesses in the U.S. are unable to obtain bank loans because they lack sufficient credit or the necessary collateral.

Educating Our Merchants

Why should you consider Get Business Funding Services for a cash advance? We believe we have set ourselves apart from other companies that provide alternative funding by placing an emphasis on educating our merchants.

Before we do business with any merchant, we make certain they have a complete understanding of the funding arrangement. We are also careful to set realistic terms with merchants based on their particular earning profiles in order to minimize the possibility of future cash flow problems. Whether you’re a restaurant, a florist, salon, spa or an automotive center, you have a maximum percentage of gross revenues that you can afford to pay back each month to meet your financial obligation (called a “safe retrieval percentage”). We make sure you stay within this limit so as not to cause you cash flow distress. In addition, we make clear disclosure of all costs upfront.

The Staff

We believe we have the most knowledgeable and dedicated people in the industry. Our sales people are trained to understand your business and to be sensitive to your needs. Many members of our staff, in fact, have been on the other side of the equation, so they have a very personal awareness of the issues involving small business owners.


Our advanced IT system promises fast, accurate and responsive service. This gives customers access to quick answers regarding funding. Our password secured system allows merchants to see their up-to-date credit card sales and cash advance balances.

Funding Process

The process for getting a Merchant Cash Advance from Get Business Funding Services is a simple one. We place no restrictions on how the merchant chooses to use the cash advance.

Here is a look at the step-by-step process:

  1. Qualify for a cash advance.

  2. You should qualify if your restaurant, retail establishment or service business meets the following criteria:

    • Processes at least $5,000 a month in sales
    • Has been in business for at least one year
    • Has a minimum of one year remaining on your lease
    • Has no open judgments or bankruptcies
  3. Necessary documentation.

  4. Should you choose to fill out an application, we will need from you the following:

    • Three months business bank statements
    • A copy of your lease
    • A tax return or financial statement for advances over $25,000
    • Landlord verification
    • A voided business account check

    These documents will then be submitted to our underwriting department. You will be contacted within one business day to discuss the specifics of the agreement and the pay back schedule. A contract will then be delivered to you by the close of the following business day.

  5. Receive a cash advance

  6. As early as the following business day, you will receive the agreed upon cash advance directly into your bank account. In return, Get Business Funding Services will retrieve a fixed percentage of your future sales receipts according to the terms agreed upon. The percentage we retrieve is fixed for the life of the funding.

    The process is completely automated and seamless. We get paid when the credit card processor pays you. You never write a check or pay a late fee.

    If this all makes sense to you, then please click here to fill out an application.


Business Funds

Tell us the amount of funds you are requesting. Even if you have been funded already we can offer additional funding including a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th position.
Let us know the purposes of the funding for example: Debt ReFinancing, Working Captial, Payroll, Equipment Purchase, Inventory Purchase, Expansion / Remodeling, Advertising & Marketing, Consolidations
Tell us how long you have been in business. We usually need at least 3 months in business to qualify for business funding. Poor or Bad credit is not a deal breaker.
Send us your basic busines info to apply online. Information needed includes business tax id, address, owner name, and 3 months business bank statements. Get an answer and qualify for funding in 1 business day.